Quincy Philosophy

There’s no place like home. After living for years in Halifax and Toronto, we are finally in the same place at the same time.  This can only mean one thing – it’s time to put all those days of dreaming scheming and imagining  into action!

We have designed a business that balances beautiful art and craft from the region with carefully selected pieces from across Canada and beyond. Quincy Street Market is a space for falling in love. What could be better?


Our Story

Having known, for a very long time, how special this little corner of the world is  we are very excited to create a shopping experience that is driven by a sense and celebration of place. Lindsay brings public relations, graphic design and extensive experience in the service industry to this partnership. Jen is a researcher interested in community engagement, brand narrative and the culture of gifting.  We plan to use these rich skillsets to respond to the changing needs within their community and better reflect the incredible experience of life by the sea!

Team Quincy

Two Boss Ladies with a lot of punch but we don't do it alone!

Jennifer Ryan

Boss Lady

Fans of beach days, road trips, early mornings, late nights, Absolutely Fabulous, old pictures, water spas, little shops, Coronation Street, locally made products, beautiful linens, delicate dishes, fresh cut flowers, famers markets and junkyards...

Lindsay MacIsaac Ryan

Boss Lady

We are always on the hunt for beautiful/ exciting finds..… for their homes, for their families and for themselves.  We are also the founding and only members of Swim Club, although friends and family join in. We swim every morning at dawn from May until October, rain or shine!

Friends & Family

Support Staff!

We would be nothing without our family, friends and community. They are our foundation.

Have a look...

Saltwater living for your home, for your friends & for yourself