Quincy Is Expanding!

We are very excited to announce that Quincy is expanding!

Over the last eight months we’ve had many people ask about buying the furniture we refinished as well as sourcing new pieces. People have also asked about home décor, finishes, flooring, linens and locally produced art. Quincy shoppers have sent photos of their homes, brought in colour swatches and borrowed our paint chips. These experiences made us realize that there is a need for both formal and informal design supports in our community.

Our histories include significant home renovations, three flipped houses, previous design consultation work and the complete overhaul of our dear Quincy Street Market building. We have learned a lot, experientially, and we want to put that knowledge to work. First, however, there’s a lot more learning to be done!

With backgrounds in graphic design, communications, advertising, marketing/ branding research and retail, we’re very comfortable in the world of design but we’re also ready push those skillsets in an exciting new direction.

These boss ladies are busy taking courses, hitting the books and working with home owners in order to enrich and deepen their theoretical and technical understandings of home design.

We’re having a ball and feeling very thankful for the interesting opportunities that our Quincy community has created for us.


Painting or updating your interior? Renovating?

The Quincy Boss Ladies can help you find find that perfect paint colour, accent piece of furniture or flooring for your renovation. Let us do the leg work and make your project a success and a space that you love!